La Rage is a feminist collective. It encompasses a project that aims at gathering feminist and lesbian posters, made by dykes, women, trans people, from all over the world; and share them through various formats.

We want to give visibility to the fights of feminists and lesbians, to inspire other and to explore the graphic side of it, in a concern of creativity, inventivity, cultural diversity and free sharing.

This is why we collect any feminist or dyke poster that you can have in store, and why we are calling for contributions!

To contribute, it’s HERE !

The first exhibition of a selection of this posters was in Saint-Denis, France. They were silk-screened for the occasion. More information HERE (in french).

We also compile all the posters on this website so that everyone can freely download them.

This is a non-profit project, and the people committed do it for free.

IMPORTANT : The deadline to send the posters is October 15th to let us the time to print. However the soonest, the better !

I can help the La Rage project by sharing !

This world-wide activist collect will only work thanks to you.
Speak about it and share it with everybody on the social networks, by mail, talking about it…